Katherine Addison

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison


  1. Who is Katherine Addison?

    Katherine Addison is a pseudonym for Sarah Monette.

  2. Why are you using a pseudonym?

    Because publishing is deeply, deeply weird.

  3. I'm new to your work. Where should I start?

    First off, a variety of my short fiction is available for free online:

    Co-authored with Elizabeth Bear:

    I also have written episodes of Shadow Unit.

    If you decide you like my short stories, I have two collections: The Bone Key (Kyle Murchison Booth) and Somewhere Beneath Those Waves (non-Booth). The Goblin Emperor (under the pen name Katherine Addison) is a standalone, and thus probably the best place to start with my novels.

    If you're interested in fantasy series, Mélusine is the first novel of the Doctrine of Labyrinths quartet. A Companion to Wolves is the first in the Iskryne series I am writing with Elizabeth Bear.

  4. Are there Booth stories that aren't in The Bone Key?


    • "The Replacement," The Willows 2.3 (September/October 2008): 48-54.
    • "To Die for Moonlight," Apex Magazine 50 (July 2013).
    • "White Charles," Clarkesworld Magazine 36 (September 2009).
    • "The World Without Sleep." Postscripts 14 (Spring 2008): 40-64. [not online, but it is collected in Somewhere Beneath Those Waves].
    • "The Yellow Dressing Gown," Weird Tales 63.2 (March-April 2008): 63-69.
  5. Will there be another Booth collection?

    I hope so. I need to write some more stories first.

  6. What is the Doctrine of Labyrinths?

    The Doctrine of Labyrinths is the name of my quartet of fantasy novels, Mélusine (2005), The Virtu (2006), The Mirador (2007), and Corambis (2009). They are intended to be read in order of publication, and may not make a whole lot of sense otherwise.

  7. Why doesn't it say anywhere that the book is part of a series?

    Because my publisher's marketing department believed that people wouldn't buy books if they were labeled as part of a series.

  8. Why can't I find The Virtu and/or Mélusine?

    Because both books are out of print. I have the rights, and I am trying—in my copious spare time—to figure out how to make them available again.

  9. What on earth is a septad?

    A septad is a unit of seven, just as a dozen is a unit of twelve. In the Marathine calendrical system, septads are used to group years (indictions), but the unit is also used in a variety of other contexts.

  10. Will there be another Doctrine of Labyrinths book?


  11. Why not?

    Because while the characters' lives continue, the story I was telling is over. It is possible that I will write more stories in that universe, but at this time, I have no plans to write any more about Felix and Mildmay.

  12. What happened to [Stephen/Bernard/Vincent/Arakhne/Mehitabel]?

    I don't know. They went on with their lives, the way people do.

  13. Will there be a third book in the Iskryne series?

    Yes: An Apprentice to Elves.

  14. Will there be a sequel to The Goblin Emperor?

    No. Much like with the Doctrine of Labyrinths, that story is finished. It's possible I will write more books set in that world, and possibly even with some of the same characters, but there will be no direct sequel.

  15. You haven't published much in the last five years. What happened?

    In 2009, Ace decided not to enter into a new contract with me. I got picked up by Tor on the condition that I write under a pseudonym. I was still trying to come to grips with that (it was an astonishingly crippling blow to my ego) when, in August 2010, I broke my ankle. Nine titanium screws and a plate later, my ankle is functional again, but the six weeks of immobility caused a raging flare up of Restless Leg Syndrome that doesn't seem likely to flare back down. This has had terrible effects on my ability to write—because apparently, when you can't sleep, everything else goes to hell, too. I was also working full time during 2012 and 2013, which cut down even more drastically on my energy and attention span. At the very end of 2013 I started a part time job, and at the beginning of 2014 I started a new RLS medication that seems to be helping, so I am hopeful that my writing will be able to grow back.

  16. What are you working on now?

    An Apprentice to Elves. And anything else that strikes my wandering fancy.

  17. Do you do anything for fun?

    I ride dressage with my Holsteiner cross, Milo.